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Drawing on our experience of working on the websites of many public sector organisations, we’ve built a new “Software as a Service” (SaaS) product for running public sector websites.

Public Platform offers a better way for organisations to provide digital services to citizens, maximising functionality and minimising risk and cost.

What is Public Platform?

  • It’s an online service which is immediately available.
  • The product is fully functional from the first day you have access to it, there is no long build phase.
  • It is packed with functionality which is likely to be useful to public sector organisations.
  • Organisations can pick and choose what functionality they use and what customisation they do to their sites.
  • The service is continuously developed and invested in.

Why Public Platform?

Make organisation’s lives easier.

Focus on the service delivered rather than the distraction of “how”.

Avoids the pain of a big custom build.

  • Hugely time intensive.
  • High risk - every site is a prototype!
  • Long lead time.

Reduces the challenge of keeping the sites going.

  • Sourcing and retaining expertise.
  • Security exploits.
  • Legislation changes.
  • Technology changes.

Cost savings through economies of scale

Public sector websites are very diverse in how they are built but need to fulfil the same citizen needs.

Room for improvement

A lot of sites follow the build, hold, rebuild approach, so lag behind the latest innovations.