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16 December 2022

The 1.16.0 release of the Platform was completed on the 14th December and is already in production usage on some sites.

The contents of this release is as follows:

Headline feature:

  • Update the Platform's WYSIWYG editor to the latest version.

    This provides us with a strong foundation for further custom WYSIWYG editor development, such as supporting merged columns in the "CP Table" component and improving/replacing the WYSIWYG editor's default "Gallery" component.
WYSIWYG Editor showcase page edit view
A screenshot of the "edit view" of the Demo site's WYSIWYG Editor Showcase page.

Minor improvements:

  • Add support for HTML documents in the "CP File" WYSIWYG component.

    This was requested by Plymouth City Council in support of some PDF to HTML replacement work they are undertaking.
CP File HTML variant
The "CP File" WYSIWYG component pointed at


  • Update the codebase to mop up some final PHP 8.0 compatibility notices. This concludes the PHP 8 upgrade work for the Platform.  It's worth noting that it has taken us around 15 to 30 hours per site to achieve this for the bespoke Drupal 7/9 sites we support, so the common core codebase of the Platform saves a lot of maintenance overhead.
  • Fix a bug whereby dragging and dropping an image file into the WYSIWYG editor can occasionally end up in an endless "silent" loop.
  • Address a bug with the "Attachment" field of content items, which occurs when files have been added to the field but subsequently deleted.
  • Address a minor display issue in Microsoft Edge when replacing files in the "CP File" component.

This release isn't a security release, so will be deployed to sites upon request.  When the next security release of the Platform is published, all sites will gain this functionality.