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Plymouth City Council

A cropped screenshot of Plymouth City Council's website home page.

The starting point for Plymouth’s move to Public Platform was spinning up a “zero cost” implementation of Public Platform. This was followed by a massive automated content migration of their pages, news posts, files, links, and user accounts. The end result was a simpler, clearer, faster site. The project ran super smoothly with no disruption to end users due to our use of a "phased beta" launch.

North Herts Council

North Herts Council's old site ran on Drupal 7, which was set to end-of-life soon. Knowing they would have to replace their site, North Herts got out in front of the problem and contracted us to build them a Public Platform website. In just a few months we delivered a state-of-the-art council website, fully populated with all their old content migrated across. It is estimated that North Herts will save as much as £500,000 over the five year contract.

Warrington & Co

Warrington Council required a solution for running multiple sub-sites from the same platform. Warrington & Co was the first of several sites which will be built on Public Platform for Warrington Council. Public Platform was an ideal fit for the project, allowing Warrington to save tens of thousands in development costs and producing some fine looking, WCAG 2.1 AA accessible sites in the process.

Wrexham County Borough Council Intranet

Wrexham Council needed to replace an ageing WordPress based Intranet site. Public Platform proved just the ticket for delivering the project.

Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council

bfstc homepage

Town councils like Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council only have a fraction of the website budget of larger councils. As a software as a service product, Public Platform comes pre-bundled with all the features public sector sites require, rather than having to pay for them to be developed from scratch. Maintenance costs are also similarly reduced.

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner North Wales

nwpcc homepage

The North Wales PCC site was our first truly bilingual website build. This extended to the language used in the admin menus, ensuring no language was given priority over the other. Due to the site's small footprint we also carried out our first manual content migration, recreating all pages on the site in the new updated Public Platform styling and layout. To help NW PCC get the most from their site, we held a full day's training with them.

Warrington Business Exchange

WBEX homepage

Having just built their main site, Warrington engaged us to create their new range of satellite sites. One such sub-site was the Warrington Business Exchange, a "chamber of commerce" type organisation which facilitates networking and synergies amongst local businesses.