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Releases are like buses it would seem! This is a much smaller bus than the 1.1.0 release though. Our intention is to move to smaller releases going forward, as they're naturally easier to push through compared to changing lots of functionality in one go.

Details as follows:

Minor improvements:

  • Add functionality that allows selective display of data fields based on conditions set in the admin system. The practical example of this is that Scarborough Borough Council want to show a ‘Report a problem’ link on every page in a specific Directory that lists public toilets.
Screenshto of "Report a problem" button appended to a Directory Page
The 'Report a problem' button block appended to a Directory Page.
  • Ensure that Directories can be placed in the normal hierarchy of sites. Previously, they had to be “root level” pages. i.e. before: “Home > Directory > Directory Page”, now: “Home > Some Section > Some Sub section > Directory > Directory Page”.
  • Make the cookie banner accept & reject buttons visually identical, rather than leading on accept.
  • Reduce the visual size of the CP File WYSIWYG component. This was requested by both North Herts Council and Plymouth City Council to help make pages with multiple file download links easier to read.
  • Ensure PDFs are displayed using the 'document' icon in the CP File component, rather than using the 'generic file' icon. e.g.
  • Enable use of ‘tokens’ in the “Full HTML” text format. Tokens are variables in text fields that are dynamically substituted when a page is rendered. You can see the full list of them at The practical use case for this was that Plymouth City Council want to link to their Granicus Feedback Form and that required the appending of the current page’s URL to the link to the Granicus form.
  • Directory Pages – Add a checkbox field that hides the address in a Directory Page. The use case for this was Rochford District Council’s "District Tour" directory. The pages within that required a geographic location that approximated an area’s location, rather than a precise address.


  • Fix an urgent bug that appeared in a previous release that meant that the media library search functionality ceased to work. This was an unforeseen side effect of an accessibility improvement to make sure the ID attribute of the site search input remained unique even if there were two search boxes on a page.

As always, this functionality is made available to all existing customers, meaning their sites keep on improving over time.