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01 April 2022

The 1.5.0 release officially passed testing and is available for production usage. As always, the release is available free of charge to existing subscribers, with only a small amount of support time required for the roll-out.

Key feature:

The headline feature was ensuring that all elements of Public Platform support full text translations. This is required for a site build for the North Wales Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

A CMS page English
An example CMS page in English.
Screenshot of a Public Platform page in Welsh
The same CMS page in Welsh using full text translations.

Minor improvements:

  • Add a "listing image" field for every content type. This was needed as part of Plymouth's content migration, and brings more flexibility to the "CP Task List - Card Style" WYSIWYG component.
A screenshot of the "Card Style" Book task list WYSIWYG component
A screenshot of the "CP Task List - Card Style" WYSIWYG component.
  • Add a WYSIWYG filter that ensures 'SEO friendly' URLs are always used in published content, even if they weren't setup when the content was edited.


  • Fix a styling issue whereby the Search form title in the GOV.UK Mega Menu dropdown had insufficient contrast to pass WCAG 2.1 AA validation.
  • Ensure 'bulk media upload' functionality is enabled on all sites by default.
  • Events: Make the date field required.
  • Consolidate the responsive preview functionality around a single solution.
  • Fix a permissions issue with our Intranet site product so that authenticated users can successfully edit their profiles.