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24 May 2022

The 1.8.0 release of Public Platform passed testing yesterday and is available for use. 

This sees the following added to sites:

Headline features:

  • "Two Factor Authentication" on all sites in conjunction with Google Authenticator.

    This is a security measure that means roles opted in would be required to enter an authentication code provided via their mobile in order to login.
  • Bulk editing of content for Site Admins.

    This will avoid the large number of clicks required to edit pages in bulk.  This is especially helpful for curating content following an automated migration.
  • Allow Directory Pages to be assigned to more than one Directory. 

    This makes Directory functionality more flexible.  As an example, say you have a Directory of "Free Wi-Fi locations" in your site and also a Directory of "Libraries".  It's quite possible that these will overlap, and so you would want to assign Library Directory Pages to the "Free Wi-Fi locations" Directory.

Minor improvements:

  • Refactor the Events functionality so that it is faster, and scales to accommodate very busy Events calendars.
  • Expand the home page 'Popular Pages' entity queue to allow all content types.
  • Expand the icon set in the "CP File" WYSIWYG component to include Image, Spreadsheet and Presentation icons.
  • Add "Related content" functionality to all content types.


  • Fix a bug whereby authenticated users are overly restricted in the image styles they can use.
  • Display 'In this Section' navigation items using bullets by default for future sites.
  • Add translations support on the "Warning Text" WYSIWYG component.
  • Refactor site permissions and config storage in the codebase to be inline with the new convention set in Drupal 9.3.