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The 1.9.0 release of Public Platform passed testing on Friday 1st July and is available for use. 

This sees the following added to sites:

Headline features:

  • Standardisation of "micro-sites" functionality.

    This is complicated to say the least, and it will be better to explain the functionality in detail in a separate post. But briefly:

    There are now 2 routes for running multiple sites through a single Public Platform codebase. The first, called "Domain Access", uses a single shared admin system and requires no development time asides from the one off enabling of the core functionality. The second, called "Multi Sites", uses separate admin systems with a Single Sign On system pointing to "master" site where users are managed.

    Domain Access micro-sites where a single team is responsible for managing multiple sites, and you want to share content between sites, or the micro-sites are small. Multi Sites is the option we expect to be used for most micro-sites, as it completely separates sites, which helps with clarity and also means that a separate team can manage just their micro-site, rather than being able to access your main site, as is the case for Domain Access.
  • Addition of "Find and Replace" functionality.

    This allows Site Admins to search for text in all content types and optionally replace it with another piece of text.
  • Addition of "Page Templates" functionality. 

    This allows users to create ‘templates’ from existing content items, which can then be selected as the starting point for future content items. The idea behind this is to help save time and bring consistency to content creation.

Minor improvements:

  • Ensure MailChimp Newsletter Subscription forms functionality is fully translatable.
  • Allow SVG based site logos and add custom code to ensure these are accessible.
  • Enable revisions, scheduling and translations in the Site Wide Alert functionality.
  • Extend the "Featured Content", "Top Services", "Services", and "Book Task List" WYSIWYG components so that content editors can choose the number of columns they use (between 2 and 5). It is also possible to change the site-wide default value for this.


  • Update Drupal Core to the latest supported version.
  • Add styling to prevent very long "In this section" list items from wrapping underneath bullets.
  • News listing page - set the listing image format to "3:2 Landscape (465 x 310)".
  • Event details page – Fix a bug with the display of the event location address on mobiles.
  • Fix an alignment issue with the "Group" WYSIWYG component.
  • Fix an alignment issue with captions when used on the "Gallery" WYSIWYG component.