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Creating a new page is one of the first and most common tasks a new Public Platform user will carry out. Public Platform's content editing system makes adding a new page simple and intuitive.

There are many extra settings you can use to tailor and enhance a webpage, but for now we will focus on the basics.

A video showing the steps of creating a new webpage

How to add a new webpage:

  1. Go to Content -> Add content and then choose your desired page type.
  2. Insert the page title and main body of the content.
  3. You can then publish your work directly on to the site or, if you make use of the content moderation workflow, you can set the publishing status as 'Prepublished Needs Review'. This will notify a Content Moderator that the page is ready to be signed off on before making it available to the public.

This example showed how easy it is to migrate existing content from another site.

A later Feature Focus will cover drafting brand-new content and the many different types of content that can be created on a page.