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Public Platform organises pages using Books. When creating or editing a page you can choose to add the page to an existing Book, or make it the start of a new Book.

The Book field in the page settings

The page with the lowest weight is the top-level page of a section, or Parent page. This page will contain links to all the other pages in the section, or Child pages.

A common task is adding a new page and integrating it into the existing site layout. By adding a page to a Book, the website will automatically group them together.

A video showing the steps of assigning a webpage to a section using a Book

To use the Book:

  1. Create your page
  2. Select the section you want to add it to under Book, in this case Parking
  3. Choose your page layout. 'Informational Page - Sidebar' will add a sidebar listing all the other pages in the section.