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Councils frequently need to push new and time-critical information, whether it's school closures caused by snow or changes to COVID-19 regulations.

Site Alerts let staff create attention-grabbing banners containing information. These banners come in a range of styles to reflect the urgency of the content. They can be restricted to show only in a specific section, page, or shown on the whole site.

To create a Site Alert:

  1. Go to Configuration -> System -> Manage site alerts,
  2. Click +Add Site Alert,
  3. Set the name and the alert content,
  4. You also have the option to schedule its publishing and/or unpublishing, and set the specific URLs for it to appear or be hidden on,
  5. Click Save.
The different type of Site Alerts available

There are four different styles of Site Alert on Public Platform: Info, Success, Warning, and Emergency.