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We've added a few new content Blocks to Public Platform's content editing system. Every page is comprised of Blocks that determines how the content inside of them is formatted.

These Blocks are inspired by the GOV.UK Design System and are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

The new Blocks added are:

  • the Call to Action block
  • the Inset Text block
  • the Warning block
  • the File Attachment block

Call to Action

Calls to action

Call to action Blocks can be used to make key bits of information stand out.

The informational text can be on multiple lines if required.

The original GDS Call to Action block for comparison.

Inset Text

The Inset Text block is another variation for making important information more pronounced.

The original GDS Inset Text block for comparison.


WarningThe Warning block is used to flag critical information

The original GDS Warning block for comparison.

File Attachment

The original GDS File Attachment block for comparison.